Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

100 Words: Tattoos

Tattoos…they aren’t for everyone. I got my first one at 40. What I have noticed is that when someone shows a tattoo they’ve gotten and it has anyone other than their own name, suddenly the opinions are rampant.

I agree, sometimes it isn’t the best choice, but other times it may be because someone has made such an impression on their lives that when they see the name, all the ways they’ve touched them comes back.

*shrug* Or maybe they’ve just had a weak, lovesick moment that is forever immortalized. Ain’t really for anyone else to say…well, unless they’re paying.

Monday, March 28, 2011

100 Words: Twitter

In the beginning, Twitter was pretty boring to me. I ended up deleting the first account I had.

Probably 3 months later, FB got pretty mundane to me and I reopened a Twitter account.

I followed several celebrities, just to see where their minds were and found that some of them did NOT get where they were by proper spelling and grammar.
My favorite celeb to follow was Monica. She’s such a beautiful and positive person and I love seeing her in “Mommy Mode”.

I’ve kinda fallen off the Twitter bandwagon again, just popping in every blue moon.
Good day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The X-Factor (Love you Nae)

Facebook is wonderful.

Facebook is also the devil.

I have reconnected with people I haven't talked to in years, a couple of exes included.

One in particular, I thought I really missed and as we talked more and more, I realized I didn't give him the credit as a man, that he deserved. Then one day I made him mad. I've come to realize that he's the same spoiled brat that he always was and that he did me a favor by cutting me off, so I'm doing him a favor by cutting him off.

Another came to me with his marital issues. Just needed someone to listen. I'll be an ear for just about anyone, but don't ask me my opinion if you can't handle it. Well he did. I don't think he liked what I had to say, but he never said it out loud. What he did do was catch me packing for a weekend trip and then he started hounding me about the who's, what's and where's. Dude, do you realize that we dated in the 80's? I don't owe you shittake! (I gave up cussing for Lent).

One of my best friends back in the day? I've heard she randomly snaps on people and for no particular reason...yeah *raised eyebrows*

It's not all bad though. I'm also connected with a couple of exes that I don't talk to so much anymore, but we always have great conversation, unless we talk about why things didn't work out and I feel I'll always have a friend in them. They don't sugarcoat things and tell me when I'm effing up. (Love you Skillet and Tygar)

Man, there's a reason the past is the past...maybe, through Facebook, you can see how far YOU'VE come...maybe it's not the devil after all.

Oh and FYI...if we reconnected and we don't talk much anymore, you just might be one of these people. Hey, I might be one of yours!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!!

(and Happy Steak and BJ day!)

I shall not be participating in either, LOL.

Today was the second day at the therapist. I've accomplished a few of the goals that she and I have talked about.

I'm very happy these days...

The evaluation team says I need to get down to 204. Yeah...

It will take some time, but hey, all I have to do is pull out old pictures for motivation.

Although, I've been really on a cooking/baking kick and I'm going to either have to stop or find someone to give what I fix.

There are two blogs I go to in order to get my down home southern food jones satisfied....Deep South and Yes, Divas can Cook and I need to get on Kween Can Burn, to see what I can make there.

I wish I'd had these recipes a long time ago, but then I'd be trying to lose even more weight than I am!

I suppose that one of these days I'll have a husband and when he asks if I can cook, I won't lie to him. So until then, have recipe, will cook!

If you have an AUTHENTIC jerk chicken recipe, get at me!

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

How is it that I'm not following any blogs? I had a nice blog list and now nothing...

Maybe it's because it's been a month of Sunday's since I posted? I had some things to deal with.

I believe the last post I did, I told you about losing my dear friend Nae. Well, I lost quite a few more people since then. I ended up making an appointment with a therapist. Yeah, black people do that (need to do it more).

I always knew if I talked to a therapist, they'd spend a good portion of the time in disbelief. I was not disappointed, LOL.

I've often said that if I wrote a book on my life, I'd have to classify it as fiction because no one would believe what they were reading.

Anyway, I finally let go of the grief I was holding onto for several people, by doing something I actually saw on Desperate Housewives. Gabby was grieving for the baby that she miscarried and someone gave her a balloon that represented the baby. She said everything she wanted to say to the baby to the balloon and when she finished, she let it go.

I did the same thing and it was surprisingly very therapeutic. I'm still sad that my friends and family are no longer here, but I no longer carry the heaviness that grief was bringing.

Ok, my blog list is back now...*shrug*

I'm taking a break from filling out paperwork for my kidney transplant evaluation tomorrow.

I already know they're gonna tell me to lose more weight. I had gotten down to 121.3 kg (that's about 267 lbs) then one night last week, I ran a whole treatment and they didn't take any fluid off of me. I've been averaging 129 kg since *enter pissed smiley* hard to get rid of fluid since I only pee sporadically (yeah, you eventually stop when you're on dialysis.

Things will fall into place when the time is right.

Until next time...adieu