Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
The randomness that is I

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


When you like someone

You empathize

You can see the happiness and hurt in their eyes.

When you love someone

You feel

Every glimmer of hope

Burst of joy

Pang of sorrow, it's real.

I don't just mean feel bad

No saying "I feel sad"

I mean a gutwrenching, sick to your stomach

"Can't eat, can't sleep til YOU get YOUR shit right" kinda thing.

It's not a kind of love you can choose

This kind of love chooses you

It doesn't have to involve romance

And usually it happens by chance

You just feel it one day

And it's hard to make it go away

For the people you love, you always want the best

And when things aren't right, it's like a weight on your chest

A tightness you can't believe

Making it so very hard to breathe

Feels like your lungs are in a jail

All you want is to exhale

...but you can't

So internally I scream

Get this shit right!

It's not my battle to fight!

You know when I'm done and "drop the mic"

That everything now, is up to you

How you fix things is between you two

Now when you get it together and your happiness is back on 10

Maybe, just maybe, I can breathe again


Unpublished work © 2010 D. Newman