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Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why The Hell Is Sherman Hemsley Still Above Ground?!?!?!

I just read an article that Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) has not been buried yet. There was an alleged half brother that popped up and his supposed closest relative was out of the loop of facts surrounding his death, just a bunch of mess.

I don't understand what any of it has to do with his burial though. They did the same thing with James Brown. They can fight over the estate all they want, but BURY THE MAN!!!

The coroner can do an autopsy and save DNA samples to test the authenticity of the half brother, but there is no logical reason to keep him refrigerated until all of this can be resolved.

Greed makes people crazy. The Estate is supposedly only worth $50,000, let it go people, let it go! Sheesh!

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Reggie said...

This is a damned shame, he should be moving on up....not laying down above ground.