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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

He Loves Me-A Re-post

If you are offended by strong language, you probably want to skip this...

****Written during Domestic Abuse Awareness Month****

He promised he'd never leave me. Take care of and cherish me, because he loves me.

Bitch! Whore! Slut! He didn't mean it though, because he loves me.

He threatened to kill me, but he loves me.

He got me ice when he blackened my eye, because he loves me.

He held my hand when they sucked my dead baby out of me, because he loves me.

He didn't mean to push me down those steps. I know, because he loves me.

He even picked up my prescription for that "thing" he gave me, because he loves me.

He doesn't want to meet my family because he loves ME.

I know he's fucking her, but its because she throws herself at him. HE-LOVES-ME.

He slammed me against the wall and I can't get up, but deep down I know he loves me.

I'm in a coma and he's not here. He must not have a way here, I know he loves me.

I'm gone and he didn't even come to the funeral. I guess he didn't love me.

Unpublished work © 2009 D. Newman

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Reggie said...

I haven't always been a perfect husband, far from it. Everyday I strive to be a better person and I will for the rest of my natural life. But I can tell you that I've never laid a hand on anyone's daughter in anger and I wouldn't.