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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sick and Tired

Yes indeed, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

In the past couple of months I have fluctuated from feeling really good, to not being able to get through the whole work day without slipping out to the car for an (lunch) hour nap. Come to find out, my iron levels had be a little high so they stopped giving iron to me at dialysis as well as stopped my Epogen.

It caused overwhelming tiredness, which I just thought was related to my treatments. If I sat too long at my desk, I fell asleep. If I was in another office talking to a co-worker, I fell asleep. When I got off work, I walked in the door, stripped and got into bed. Woke up around 8, ate and went back to sleep for the night. This lovely cycle assisted me in gaining a few pounds back. I was also irritable at work when I wasn't sleepy and I really temporarily forgot how to be sociable and at the time, I didn't know why I was acting that way.

Someone "blamed" it on me just being a woman.

Trust me, ish is real...keep reading everything I experience is highlighted

Mild iron deficiency anemia may not cause noticeable symptoms. If anemia is severe, symptoms may include:

Weakness, fatigue, or lack of stamina.
Shortness of breath during exercise.
Trouble concentrating.
Pale skin.
Craving substances that are not food (pica). In particular, a craving for ice can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia <-----I live with this one daily Rapid heartbeat.
Brittle fingernails and toenails.
Cracked lips.
Smooth, sore tongue.
Muscle pain during exercise.
Trouble swallowing.

If you experience any combination of these, go see your doctor ASAP!

Oh and be safe and aware out there tonight!


Thee_Kween said...

I JUST said to myself today, "She's tired of being sick..." my word.

I just keep praying for better days. I really do hope you feel better, sis. <3 you.

Reggie said...

Me too!!!

Happy Halloween.

Misfit said...

I hope you are feeling better!! I sooooo understand!!

Afrodeezha said...

You know, when I couldn't stay away through the day, Kween and Misfit, you both came to mind! This is no joke!