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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mooncrickets and Heauxs

Disclaimer: I vowed that if I googled any of these names and a pic came up, I'd use it. Hence the Obama Moon Cricket.

These late night posts don't seem to have a whole lot of substance. I think this will be my last one. My mind needs to be fresh.

I was lying in bed earlier and thinking of some of the names my friends and I frequently use, that I'm almost positive they made up. If they didn't, they perfected the use of them.

Reminds me of my Dad.

I know ThugRockStar is the King of Buttery Motherfuckers (you know that's pronounced Mufukkas, right? LOL) and Moon Crickets.

AlwaysSilky has perfected the use of heaux and hoodboogerishness and a few others I can't think of right this second.

A good friend of mine will call someone a buffarilla in a heartbeat and she's usually talking about someone who looks EXACTLY how that sounds.

My Dad, often called Pretty Ricky, he'll change your whole damn name. He always reminded me of Bill Cosby growing up, except he'll cuss you out.

When you've fucked up and he's about to step in your ass, he say "Hey cousin...Cousin Peaches, do I look like I want to heat/cool the outside? Close the damn door."

Or if he's getting in your ass and your response is too low? "Whispering Smith, would you care to speak up so the rest of the world can join the conversation?"

My youngest brother used to dance all the time and my Dad would either call him "Huckabuck" or "Dancing Harry".

If he really got pissed though, he wouldn't bother naming you. He'd just threaten to kick the cowboy shit out of you. Whatever that is...


Da_Kween said...

You sure have some interesting friends...

ThugRockStar said...

Well... I guess I'm "big time" now. #MoonCricket has gone viral. Thanks for letting the people know where that and #ButteryMuthafucka came from. But, you have to enunciate the "muthafucka" part. For emphasis, ya know? Funny stuff!