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Just my thoughts...
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Cannot Tell A Lie

Well, actually I can and have. That's a whole 'nother post though.

Today I want to confess one of my guilty pleasures to you.

I, Afrodeezha, am a fan of Real and Chance.

Go ahead and shake your head, get your "Aw Hell Naw!" out and even that prayer you want to say for me now.

I can't help it. They crack me up. Call it what you will...bad television, buffoonery, whatever. I enjoy them.

I couldn't stand Chance when they were on I Love NY (yeah, I watch quite a few VH1's horrible shows). He was an asshole. On Real Chance at Love, I saw how funny he can be.

I think Real is cute, with his little bitty self. He admitted he's only a little taller than Prince.

You have to admire the brothers because they're reeeeal eccentric. To the point that you (well I) question their true orientation at times.

The new show though, Real & Chance: The Legend Hunters, I'm really digging.

Why? They are tackling adventures that the average black man wouldn't touch and they're real with it. They show their vulnerability, but they press on and accomplish the task they came to do.

The funny shit though is working through their fears. Now some might say they're overacting just for ratings, with all the hooping and hollering they do.


I've seen black men and animals and that's some funny shit. Sure, you may get a few who are pretty brave, but I've seen some holler and run when ASKED to move a mousetrap with a dead mouse in it.

I've seen some damn near pass out when a garden snake slithered past.

I myself, will fuck you up if you push me toward a dead possum and I'm pretty sure my brothers would do the same, LOL.

So watching these brothers go noodling (catching catfish in the river by hand), swimming with sharks and catching and tagging a hogzilla in the Alabama woods? You gotta admire that.

And they manage to still look kinda pretty doing it.

I deal with a lot of heavy stuff from day to day, so don't mind me when I indulge in my guilty pleasure.

Have a good one. Go Skins! Go Bears!


Da_Kween said...


I saw the one with those BIG ass catfish. That was HILARIOUS! I keep missing the other ones..but, damnit...it IS funny!!

Go 'head, sis! I love their crazy asses, too!!!

Butterfly Effect said...

Hmmm...I've never heard of this show. But, I think I remember one of them on I Love New York. Men will sometimes jump higher than us when it comes to the four legged creatures..LOL