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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub Big Folks and the Tub

I really didn't have anything that popped into my head to write about today.

That may be because I've been stuck in my apartment all day. Ok, not really stuck, but I chose not to go anywhere.

I was up fooling around on the computer last night because I couldn't sleep and was still up at 2, so when 6 and then 7 came around, I couldn't really function. My 13 year old didn't feel good, so I called in for him and called in for me and went back to sleep.

You know what popped in my head when I sat down just now? Ok, first and foremost, I'm a Big Chick, so this is nothing against them, but SOME Big Chicks were obviously not taught about hygeine.

Big Chicks (and Big Dudes) do not smell, as the stereotype would like you to think. In fact, the folks in my circle smell pretty damn good.

Random folks, not always the case.

I know the likelihood of them seeing this is pretty slim, but just in case...(speaking of Justin Case, that female Rerun commercial pisses me the fuck off).

When you take a shower, you must take care to reach, lift and open up spaces that may not see much sunlight. No shame in cleanliness whatsoever and the general public will appreciate it.

I have had lapband surgery and even 87 lbs. ago, funk was not a factor (and I can't wear perfume).

Anyway, don't be afraid to visit these places two or three times per shower. Once a week at least, it wouldn't hurt (if you can) to take a bath. Sitting in water is a good thing.

In the summer time we sweat more and the sweaty boob smell at the end of the day is nothing nice. When you put deoderant on in the morning or at night, swipe a little under your breasts, that will help.

Please note: The cakey boobs is not pretty. Leave the baby powder alone.

Be careful where you shave and check regularly for ingrown hairs (extra moisture plus ingrown hair or cuts can sometimes equal pimples or *gasp* boils.

Big Dudes, the suggestions also work for you. I'm sure that man boobs trap moisture and odor too. Another concern is that you take the time to reach down and around your nut sack. It's only fair, especially if you expect someone to be down there putting in work. Present yourselves beautifully, like a chef would at a restaurant.

I love being a Big Chick and am actually going through a few changes as my body changes with the weight loss, but trust me, these few extra steps are necessary and could possibly help someone.

If you know someone who should read this, feel free to send a link, but don't be mean spirited about it if you do.

Sometimes people just don't know...


The God'ess said...

This is one public service announcement that bears repeating over and over and over and over.

Da_Kween said...

Ooops on the mean-spirited. I think I already did. *blame it on the sick me* LOL

I'm Da Kween...and I approve this message!

Butterfly Effect said...

It amazes me that people don't know. But it's true. Some people are clueless. It was nice of you to write this helpful blog. Kudos!

mizteejay said...

Chile... Cleanliness is CERTAINLY next to Godliness!

ThugRockStar said...

This has been a public service announcement to eradicate "Crevice Funk". Wait. That sounds like an old r&b group...

Afrodeezha said...

LOL @ThugRockStar

@mizteejay Glad to see you!

@Butterfly Effect So true!

@DaKween You're SO my sister!

@The God'ess Girl...something so simple