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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Days of Days: Day 15-The Day You Graduated (choose any you remember most)

June 7, 1986....I'll always remember that we graduated on Prince's birthday, LOL.

That morning we had a senior breakfast at school.  The teachers served us.  We graduated in our school gym. It was HOT. We lined up in the courtyard and walked down the east and west stairs as they played Pomp and Circumstance.

I think that Amjad Safvi and Liesl Sculle were the valedictorian and salutatorian. Not sure where Liesl is but I was pretty impressed when I googled Amjad.

I look back and I was so blessed to be able to have 4 generations of family there. My Great Grandma was probably in her 80's. I'm too lazy to figure it out right now.

I think I was pretty cute.

What you think? My prom and graduation pics are one pic, so you get a two-fer.

30 Days of Days: Day 14-The Day You Hate To See Coming

The first week in June. I know it's not a day, but it reminds me of the last week of my last relationship (2011)
and despite the bad things, it also reminds me that I miss the good things.

30 Days of Days: Day 13-A Christmas Day Memory

I had to be about 5-6.  I don't believe my brother was born yet.  I had asked Santa for a reindeer that year.

Now Christmas was always about the kids and I used to clean up, being the only kid for 7 years.  So I just knew I was getting my deer.

Of course I tried to stay up the night before and conked out and was sleeping GOOOOOOD.  When all of a sudden I heard bells.

I heard my grandfather saying "Get up! Get up! Santa is outside. Hurry up and you can see him!"  Lies I tell you, LOL.

Of course I flew out of bed and to the doorway and somehow, there were a set of footprints and then several sets of hoof prints. Now I realize there were however, no sleigh prints.

Well grandpa had these brass bells. I was much older when I found them. He used to love clanging those bells as hard as he could, to wake us up out of a dead sleep.

I'm sure you assumed that I didn't get a reindeer that year...well, you were wrong.  Somehow they found me a blow up reindeer and that was waiting for me next to the tree! LOL! I have a picture somewhere. I need to find it.