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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Days of Days: Day 13-A Christmas Day Memory

I had to be about 5-6.  I don't believe my brother was born yet.  I had asked Santa for a reindeer that year.

Now Christmas was always about the kids and I used to clean up, being the only kid for 7 years.  So I just knew I was getting my deer.

Of course I tried to stay up the night before and conked out and was sleeping GOOOOOOD.  When all of a sudden I heard bells.

I heard my grandfather saying "Get up! Get up! Santa is outside. Hurry up and you can see him!"  Lies I tell you, LOL.

Of course I flew out of bed and to the doorway and somehow, there were a set of footprints and then several sets of hoof prints. Now I realize there were however, no sleigh prints.

Well grandpa had these brass bells. I was much older when I found them. He used to love clanging those bells as hard as he could, to wake us up out of a dead sleep.

I'm sure you assumed that I didn't get a reindeer that year...well, you were wrong.  Somehow they found me a blow up reindeer and that was waiting for me next to the tree! LOL! I have a picture somewhere. I need to find it.

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Reggie said...

What an awesome childhood memory. I think most of us have a memory of Christmas when we were about that age that will stick with us throughout our lives.