Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's Been a Long Time...

It's been a long time...Seems like this is how all of my posts begin anymore. The last post I wrote was about Prince. A LOT has happened since then.

I finally got a kidney back in November *PRAISE GOD* and it's certainly been an experience. I've had some ups and downs. Spent a LOT of time in a hospital. I don't want to have that experience again.

I've learned some things about people too or should I say I was reminded up close and personal. Someone I already knew that I love with all my heart showed me that he will always have my back and will never let me go through anything alone. My guardian angel down here on earth.

Another (another of my guardian angels on earth) showed me that she will be right there with him. (They can be double trouble if you mess with them, lol) Then there are others I thought would have my back, but it seems that's only true if others take the first step.

At 48 I'm learning even more that I have to separate myself from some, so I can keep in focus with who I am and what it is I want.

I have learned so much about myself by listening to Friday Night Chat and Chill with DJ Tan. I seriously take something from each episode. You should check him out some time.

I'm determined to make some positive life changes this year. Some will like the changes, others won't but I'm doing this for me and only me.

Happy 2017!