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Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Angry Black Woman Memo: I missed it

I know somebody will be pissed just from reading the title. Oh well...

A FB connection was posting pictures yesterday of women HE describes as beautiful. They are what would be considered plus sized women (I've posted one below).

I thought that both were pretty ladies and I could see the beauty in them although I'm not positive the second one wasn't photoshopped a bit.

A few of the fellas agreed with him (one suggested she needed to work out), but when the women started commenting, the hate started flowing.

I know at least one woman said she admired their confidence (translate: If I looked like that, I would not be posting) and one woman just suggested that some shapewear would have improved her look, but she still was able to compliment her legs.

Every other woman went IN. She's fat. Why would she post that? She needs a few extra reps in the gym. No comment. One even said that the woman was thick, but she looked like she wobbled when she walked.

Why the hate? Why not look and if ya didn't like it, keep moving?

Facebook has given people the impression that their opinions are necessary. I guess they don't realize that it's still ok to keep silent on some subjects.

Now maybe because I'm a plus size woman myself, I don't feel the need to tear someone else apart for their looks alone. I know some women who have what I consider "perfect" shapes that are just as ugly as can be on the inside and women who have no waistline that are just as beautiful as can be. If that's all you base people on, you're pretty shallow and must have some shortcomings that you can't come to grips with about yourself.


Another friend this morning was asking why the sistas were so angry about Tiger Woods' choice in women. It's obvious that he has no interest in black women. So what. His choice. Hell, he can't even claim his own blackness wholeheartedly, so why would it be expected that he'd date one of us?

I'm sure if I search, a lot of women are angry with Michael Jordan's latest choice in women too. Do you think he cares?

It seems to me that some of what they say is true. There are a lot of angry black women these days. I missed the memo. Why are we so angry? Can someone let me in on it?


Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures our friend posted. I think the women were very attractive. However, I do think our community for the most part overall aren't healthy (and I know some plus size folks don't have diabetes, high blood pressure etc.) but having excess fat around vital organs is extremely unhealthy and dangerous to our health, and that includes myself. I read the comments, and all I could was just shake my head. To belittle people. To make someone feel less than, to make yourself feel better, is not cool by any means.

As for Tiger or MJ, I could care less. I say do you and keep it moving. I only have problems when folks who may be black say, I don't date black women because they are all __________. Every race has some people with not so nice characteristics. No one race of people have the monopoly on any particular attributes of character.

I love diversity. I love diverse thought, people, activities, food. I think our experiences and often how we are raised, limit us to various possibilities. Ultimately, keeping us from experiencing so much, fully enjoying life.

Afrodeezha said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I agree, plus sized does not equal healthy.

Tee Jay Emm said...

Mean girls are everywhere... and I think that there is something that they genuinely lack for themselves (that they KNOW is lacking - that's why they're angry) that allow them to spill their vitriol in the direction of others.

I know my shortcomings and therefore do not draw attention to my struggle. I also know that I live a rich and amazing life and have no need to throw shade on others who are merely attempting to do the same. Love you girl! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I forgot to make it clear that I have problems when any given race says they don't like the opposite sex (or same sex) of their race to date because they are/do xyz is just stupid to me.

Thee_Kween said...

I actually think she looks good. That's just me. I do not think that in order to look good, you have to have flat abs and perfectly sculpted arms and legs. Small don't mean healthy either. I refuse to cave to society's warped notions of what looks good. A lot of women [I noticed] tend to jump on the bandwagons of men because THEY desire the attention for "being real". Also a lot of the same women probably self-deprecate in order to keep others from insulting them or drawing attention to their flaws. It's really sad.

Afrodeezha said...

Anonymous, I agree! Just like I don't have issues with interracial pairings unless one person feels they must shun who they are to feel like they belong in the other's life.

Kween, I think she looks good too. Wish my waist was that small!

Reggie said...

Is there such a thing as a woman of a perfect size? I've always thought that was left up to individual interpretation. I've always said that don't nobody want a bone but a dog. My wife is a perfect size 12 for me. The only thing that a woman that weighs 100 pounds could do for me is to point to my wife.....that's it. Cosmo might say she's fat, but I ain't down with that.

It really takes women to hate on other women. Men don't generally look at other men and hate on them, but women..............