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Just my thoughts...
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Friday, March 15, 2013

30 Days of Days: Day 4 - A Day in High School

Wow...there are so many memories from high school!  The pics are Senior year.  I'm not really sure what to choose.

So many firsts for me in high school.

I know! Because I like to laugh and I have no problem laughing at myself, I'll tell about the craziest damn day I ever had in P.E. class.

It was my freshman year. Gym was my 2nd hour class. Two of the cutest guys in the school (in my opinion) were in the class. Yeah, I'mma name names! Benji Frazier 6' something, light skinned, crazy eyes that switch between blue and greenish, depending on his mood and Richard Burton, a darker skinned brother, not real tall, dimples, both nice looking guys. I really didn't have a crush on either of them, in fact, every time Richard (and his brother) got near me, we always bickered back and forth.

I mean EVERY time! This started when were little too, LOL. His brother and I still go back and forth on a good day (all in fun now though).

Anyway, this particular quarter, our group was taking volleyball. It was also volleyball season. There must have been a match after school because the regulation net was up and not our regular old run-of-the-mill family reunion, flimsy net. Well at the time, I didn't know this.

I skipped my happy tail toward the opposite side of the net, where our team was gathering, ducked as I went under the net, but didn't duck all the way because I knew the net would give.

Well it didn't. I clotheslined myself when the bottom of my chin chucked the net. Flat on my back I went and when I looked up, guess who was looking down at me laughing? Both of em! (Scrubs! LOL)

Somehow I recovered and was playing. I was in front and went for a spike and as if being clotheslined wasn't enough for one day, my arm went up and my bra strap popped.

Now I was no small chested girl. No siree Bob! I was a big C, almost D cup, so one side was nice and supported and the other side was a tad bit closer to the ground. I sat out the rest of the class and I think the Home Ec teacher (my favorite teacher) saved me with a safety pin until I could walk home at lunch time and change.

I'm not even sure who really knew why I sat out the remainder of the game, but I'll never forget!


Thee_Kween said...

Damn. Just wasn't your day...at least you can laugh at it.

Reggie said...

Just think, you almost made a lot of someone's day quite memorable.