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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

100 Words: Haters

Some say there is no such thing as haters. That’s a lie. There is always someone who doesn’t want you to succeed; hates when you shine; gets out of sorts when they see your name. You make them even more insecure because they aren’t you.

I have had a hater or two in my lifetime. They made it their business to play on my insecurities and I used to let them. Now it just makes me angry.

Since I’m working on my anger, I’ll just say keep trying, but you will never be me, you can only try coming close.

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Thee_Kween said...

I hate this word. I hate that there's even a need for this kind of term...yet, it doesn't change it's existence. I pray that you just keep remembering that for every ONE hater you have...you've got 10 who love you.