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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Girlfriends/Da Kween

I don't have many. Never have. Why? I never seem to find any completely trustworthy ones.

Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few I can call and kick it with, but only a very select few that I consider my inner circle. I call them SiStars. Even within my SiStar Circle, there are two who I speak with on a regular and trust with my innermost thoughts.

They are the two that really "get" me. They know some of the methods to my madness. They know what happens when I've been pissed off, without being on the receiving end of it. They know how, when things (i.e. my living sitch, my relationship, my jobs, my health, my tattoo) look one way from the outside, how they really are on the inside.

They don't take the innermost info we talk about and turn around and gossip about it to the next person, like some girlfriends do.

We didn't become girlfriends because we got into it first and became friends after we got into it. We didn't become friends because we were screwing the same guy and found out. We didn't become friends because either of us was a former FB (<---not Facebook) of a guy and one of us was a present one and a friendship was forged to get the "inside" scoop.

We just starting crossing paths and the more we talked, the closer we became. I appreciate them. They love me when I'm right. They love me when I'm wrong and vice versa. We know when we really need each other and we know when to step back. When other chicks think I'm stupid, they know there's either a method to my madness or there's an underlying sitch and I want things to appear otherwise.

Truth is that as much as I open here or on FB, these two are the ONLY ones who really know what's going on. So if any fakies are reading, you tricks only know what I want you to think, you don't have to wonder what will happen when the "truth" comes out or when the shit hits the floor. YOU ARE THE SHOW *settling with more popcorn and drinks*. (<---not so subliminal message from runteldat.com)

You already met my BF Harmony. Now you get to meet my other BF Da Kween.

Da Kween, like Harmony, is very artistic. Moreso than a lot of people I know.

Da Kween is artistic in the kitchen, on the computer, with photography, in writing poetry and stories. She also has a depth of someone subhuman. I won't elaborate, but if you're good friends with her, you know exactly how.

Da Kween and I became friends through an ex. We started talking a lot when he and I were together and when we broke up, we never stopped.

Da Kween and I share a very strong bond. We're born under the same sign and have almost identical personalities. If she's going through something, I can feel it, hundreds of miles away and if I'm going through something I haven't talked about, within days, she's calling and asking me why she is feeling the way she is. It's one of the most unique friendships I've ever had and I love her to life.

You can read some of Kween's talented work at http://thepoeticbutterfly.blogspot.com/


Butterfly Effect said...

Beautiful words spoken about a gifted angelic Kween. I love it!!! The first time I smiled all day. Lovely! :)

Mahoganydymond said...

What wonderful words to say.. She is a beautiful person inside and out.. I may not know her like you and Joy.. Yet what I do know she has been a blessing to have in my life..

Thee_Kween said...

Aw, thank you sis...dontchu make me tear. I loved reading this and now the comments are giving me all I need right now. LOVE all of you guys!

Mah, you know me just like they do...trust. I love you lots!


aww i love the Kween!! she is a breath of fresh air when you have been around a bunch of false friends...the many times we have chatted texted or talked on the phone i have listened to her and had to choke back the tears cause she was reading my thoughts without me saying a word. she is QUALITY ppl. We can only hope to have this kinda person come into our lives.