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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Quite Random

It's was a bittersweet weekend...

Friday night I went to a comedy show and realized that there's no way in hell I could ever be a cougar...well, maybe I could date someone in their 30's, but 20's? HELL NO!! What the 20 something crowd sees as comedy and what I see as comedy are two completely different things!

What 20 something girls my size wear and what my 40 something self wears? TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!! O_o I've seen more near booty/coochie sightings than I ever need to see in life!

I only stayed to support my guy Keeb...

I was tired when it ended (it was midnight and I'm used to being in bed by 9 on Friday night, LOL), but my Dad was in the ER, so I went up to be with him. He insisted I didn't go, but I let him think I'd agreed with him, but I knew he was going to be up there for hours, so I waited til I thought he was good and bored.

We took turns dozing off until about 3:45 am, when they released him with a script for Ibuprofen O_O.

Saturday was a beautiful day...too bad I didn't get in bed until 4 and I missed the whole morning.

I had intentions of going to church Sunday, but the hard chairs in the ER did a number on my already hurting hip. After a couple of hot showers and an Aleve, I was able to move around pretty well, so I went to visit my grandmother.

I have been blessed in my lifetime to know three great grandmothers. I still have one (I think she's 99 this year) and this is her daughter. They've always gotten around pretty well, so to see them not in the past couple years has been hard.

To see this grandma down was really hard for my boys too. She had a stroke and starts rehab today. It's up to her, how badly she wants to rehabilitate.

A stroke doesn't necessarily mean the end of anything. My Dad had 2, several years ago and was in the hospital for 39 days. He went home in a wheelchair, unable to do much of anything alone.

Today he cuts grass, drives, bathes himself. Pretty much does most things he could always do, just not as fast. It was because HE didnt't give up when he couldn't do things. He asked for God's help and did what he could and expected God to do the rest.

Oh and though the pic above is off the net, there was a whole lotta that going on!

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