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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grown Folks...Can't Take Some Anywhere

First of all, hi! Howyadoin? Yeah, the more I say I'm going to write, the more I stay away.  Well I've had Writer's Block pretty regularly.  Maybe that comes from being limited to 140 characters. I don't know, but I have a rant of sorts today.

I probably shouldn't even be this pissed, but like I JUST read at Thee_Kween's spot http://kweenskaleidescope.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-booty-dont-lie.html I am sick to def of Mean Girls!!

Now you regular readers know I'm pretty deep with Urbansoulz.com.  Bomb group of innanet family! I love Urban almost like I created it! I know how dear it is to the owner and because we are so close, it is so dear to me.   I give The Marshall and his family mad credit for creating such a nearly drama free, loving, cool azz environment where I see people truly enjoy themselves and sometimes get a little starstruck along the way.

Starstruck you say?  Every now and again they interview entertainers and listeners/chat participants have an opportunity to call in or directly ask their own questions and you know for some people, that's like winning the lottery.

Well last night DJ Tan interviewed Jon B (click here to listen)yes, THAT Jon B! Smooth, brotha (I don't care what you say, he's a brotha! LOL) from back in the day. You can keep Justin and Robin. I'll take Jon any day!

Now, when we are just chatting during a regular show, we really clown sometimes. No biggie, we're family. Just like in real life, however, we're SUPPOSED to act like we have sense when we have company, so should we during a special event also, right?

I mean, we're trying to encourage people to enjoy themselves and to possibly join the site.

Well, and I'm going to directly quote Thee Kween "...the Internet has a penchant for saying everything that's on its mind. You see a big woman in something you think makes her look nasty? You tell her. You see a man with a small penis? You tell him. You see a woman with an unflattering hairstyle or a baby with a "ghetto" name or a man with one tooth in his head...and what do you do? You tell him. WHY is that? Didn't your parents teach you to not say ANY thing if it weren't nice? Why does the Internet have you all so programmed to be cruel at the drop of a dime? Do better Internet...really." and better didn't happen last night, in my opinion...

We had a caller on the air with a tiny voice.  She had an in-depth question for Jon and as she spoke, someone made a comment about it.  Now we have guests in the chat, so it isn't just family, so why would someone feel the need to say anything? Because the internet makes people feel that their opinion is of interest.

Now one comment turned into several, until someone finally hinted to shut it.  I admit that the girl sounded a little like Michel'le but you have the voice you were blessed with. Nothing much can be done to change it. I was embarrassed and then angered because that is a reflection on the site and unfairly represented the majority of the type of people on it.

You know how people talk just to hear themselves? Well...there are typists out there like that too. I'll probably get a backlash from this, but if I'm lying, anyone who was there can come right here and get in my ass about it.

There was a girl in particular who said she was Jon's #1 fan and she was excited at the possibility of being able to speak to him and her excitement showed throughout the interview, but I was SO embarrassed when she said in the chatroom, "If my call gets picked for an on the air question, please don't laugh at my voice".

The embarrassment lasted a short time before it became rage.  This poor girl in a sense, felt what one who was being bullied would feel like.  Those are the feelings one experiences when there is someone who feels superior and speaks as they are such. I remember. I was bullied often back in the day and I think that's why I get so upset about it happening now.

I'm holding back my words because those of you who really know me, know I can get down on some cussing and I'm really trying to become a better person, so maybe I just need to hang some rules in the chat room.  Kind of like the signs at the swimming pool.

The unspoken rule is that Urbansoulz is NOT messy and when it becomes messy, the powers that be ALWAYS clean it up.

Bottom line? Grow the hell up. Geez.


Thee_Kween said...

I'm with you. I hate when folks do the most with the least. Actually, I've been watching R&B Divas LA w/Michel'le on it and the first night I tweeted how I didn't know if I'd survive the season...after that, there's NO more need to make mention of it. That's her voice, if I wanna WATCH...I'll deal. An opinion is ONE thing...a tirade and constant poking and prodding is another.

...and yes, some shit just don't need to be said at ALL.

Thanks for the quote and shout out sis :)

Reggie said...

People are just plain mean and nasty on the Internet because they can be. Oh I'm not saying it's right...I don't think it is. In my current post an Anonymous blogger took the opportunity to call me and every other person of color a nigger. They did that, because there were no repercussions.

People feel helpless or are otherwise ridiculed or laughed at in their everyday lives, so they come online and get keyboard courage.

It's sad and pathetic and indicative of powerless, miserable, disrespectful people.

Most of the shit that's said, doesn't need to be said.