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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ma'am, Get Ya Damn Kid...

Thirteen days into the challenge and my regular readers know I work part time in a nursery.

Apparently 3 of the new regulars never leave their mother, despite the fact the oldest is 4. When she drops them off, at least 2 of them go into crying fits.

The oldest usually has a screaming fit and I just look at him and ask if he's through. He usually screams NO! Then I take him to the bathroom and stand in the doorway and tell him to get it out of his system because I'm not listening to that mess all night.

He screams for about 5 minutes and when I still just stand there and look at him, he'll say he's done and he'll be cool for about an hour.

Well, tonight the other worker put him in time out because he swung on her and he sat down, then stood back up and threw a chair.

I stood up and said, "Have you lost your fuckin' mind?" I proceed to take off my belt and tear them legs up, slam his ass in the chair and dare him to open his mouth again

Ok, well, that was the scenario in my head. Realistically, I checked on the little boy whose hand the chair nipped and seeing he was fine, I concentrated on the child throwing the fit.

I picked him up and isolated him from the others and called the building supervisor. Had him sit with the child while the other worker tended to the other 18 kids and went and found his mother.

When I walked up to her (remember, she has 3) she said "What did ___________ do?" Wow, she knew exactly which child it was.

I told her what happened and that he had to go and probably wouldn't be allowed back in the nursery.

We get back up there, this fool-child done stood up to my 6'4 cousin who I KNOW had the same scenario in his head (Hey, we ARE family!)and screamed NO to his kneecaps.

Do you think she made him apologize? Hell no!

Do you think she apologized for his behavior? Hell no!

Did she even check on the little boy he hit? Hell no!

She picked up her kids and dipped.

I was stuck with paperwork. I completed it and really thought about it.

If that boy is 4 and is standing up to 6'4, he is a hoodlum in the making. He doesn't have a chance.

Why don't people realize they're doing a disservice by not correcting their kids. Providing some kind of discipline?

I started off a spanker when my kids were young, but I had different kind of kids.

My oldest had ADHD and it wasn't really fair to spank him for something he couldn't control, but that negro was strong because if he clowned at school, he walked a mile. If he wanted to hit? He did the dying cockroach (on the floor, hands up and feet up til I said down).

He wanted to talk back? Back against the wall and slide down 1-2 inches and stay until you stop talking back. One time his ass just haaaad to keep having the last word and he was up there for like 15 minutes. Pissed me off. Just shut the hell up! I kinda felt bad for him, because he had cramps in his thighs at bed time. I am not going to be controlled by a kid. I'm not going to use the fact that I'm an adult, to bully you and I will give you a chance to have your say, but dammit, you're GOING to respect me and I'm definitely respecting you.

My youngest. Maaaan...When I did spank, I wasn't chasing. You either touch your toes or lay across the bed, got 1-3 swats (never more) and that was it. I don't know what this little dude did this particular time, but he was laying across the bed. I'd swatted twice and he looked over his shoulder and said "Are you done yet?" In my head I said "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!!?" Man, I couldn't do anything but walk away.

I stopped spanking, but didn't stop disciplining. You have to have rules. Kids who grow up with no rules and no fear of consequences make for (dare I say) terrorists. Not necessarily in another country or anything, but that's what I call people who have no respect for life, no respect for anything. They're no good to anyone, including themselves.

Now this little boy and his brothers? I was really trying to work with, but now I can't...Hopefully someone, somewhere will care enough to try and give these children some kind of guidance in their lives or there are years of frustration and no sense of belonging to come.

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GLORIA said...

I really had to come through after reading your post. Although last night I read it but my brains was tired. The parents that failed to discipline there kids I know for sure in the latter days they will be sorry to see what they have created. Honestly my children no I have a certain look and they know what I mean. First and foremost the minute they start to show off I am talking very loud and they don't like that. So they are in check, they what I stand for and what i don't stand for. If she believes that she is doing the best for him by allowing him to act in this manner she is dead wrong. I was raised the old school way, I know what I had to do and the correct way to behave. Have you ever seen a child behavior at the shopping area and the mom say they can't have a toy, candy etc? Well my daughter told me not to long ago she went to a bookstore and the child said he wants the book and the mom said to him no, my daughter came home really mad. First thing she said "Mommy I know if it was you that child could have never behave in this manner." She is right, parents these days are lacking discipline themselves. The whole mannerism of how they carry out themselves in public and don't talk about the dressing, allowing their young girls and boys to dress in a manner which is just disrespectful. I have seen parents piercing their young boys ears because it's a style, dressing up their boys with sagging pants etc so many times we have to question what is really happening to our society. All in all it a good post I must say, really enjoyed reading.