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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Letting Go

In my opinion, I think that so many relationships don’t last because people fail to really let go of the previous relationship before getting into the next.

I liken that baggage some of us carry to barnacles on the bottom of a boat. It looks pretty up top where everyone can see, but under the surface, it’s just nasty. Barnacles cling, they multiply and eventually take over if they aren’t cleaned off. They can clog the motor and your boat won’t be able to even move forward, just like a relationship.

You can pretend everything is all good, but eventually the issues you never dealt with will resurface and often ruin things.

Yeah, I know I said letting go…I’m going to get there.

Some people don’t know how to let go…

He/She still has my clothes

He/She still has my pictures

He/She still owes me money

He/She still has my….

It may be hard, but those are all THINGS. Things that you acquired and most that you can acquire again. If he/she doesn’t have a child in common? Leave that shit at the door and start your healing!

Sometimes all it takes is saying or hearing those two words out loud

Let go.


Da_Kween said...

Yep. So funny...when I was writing my blog just a few ago, I remembered how much of my "stuff" dude had. I eventually had to LET GO. It was stuff I may never see again...but, it was a small price to pay for freedom.

random s/n: the rabbits are screwing as I type. LOL

Misfit said...

Yes... I understand fully what you mean.. Im still trynna let go of the fact my stuff is gone... Everything that was me before him is gone and yes it still hurts.. I LOST EVERYTHING..pictures, clothes, music, african art, sewing equipment and fabric and patterns and all the fixings.. whatever I didnt pack in that one suitcase with me I no longer have and it finally dawned on me about a week ago.. how much I was still trying to replace stuff, namely my clothes.. i have bought bought bought sooo many clothes that I have no more room to put them.. trying to fill that void of losing my wardrobe... that now I have to stop.. it is what it is and I need to get over it before I am in the poor house for real!! *sighs*

GLORIA said...

Let go and Let God. Many times it's not easy but it's better and just let things fall into place and move on.