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Just my thoughts...
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where the Mean Girls Are

On Facebook.

I get a chuckle at some of the people who request my friendship connection of Facebook.

Some of them, mostly women, I have not one positive memory of any interaction with them.

Either they were too good to talk or hang out with the poor girl who didn't ever have anything name brand (except for that one pair of Lee jeans).

I remember being teased for wearing highwaters. The dumbass didn't even call them right. She called them hee haws. I still knew what she meant.

I remember two girls that used to sit behind me at choir practice. They would pull my hair and call me horse hair. I think it's funny that they're both avid weave wearers now.

A couple others who when they addressed me, would always precede it with fat. Fat this, fat that, she's so fat that...

All have sent invites. A couple of them I accepted, just to see what these loser chicks grew up to be.

Very basically, with the exception of two, I have noticed were grandmothers before 40.

One has found the Lord. One has made a lifestyle of working for fast food places. I thought it interesting that at one time she worked at Burger King, a daughter was at Hardee's (Carl Jr's) and another daughter was at McDonald's.

Of course these women have skewered reflections of who we were to each other. They sound like we were always best friends. I haven't compelled to say anything to them about the past or what I make of the present. It's not important to me.

Some time between the times they made fun of me and now, I developed an "I don't care" attitude and I really don't.

That's big for me. I used to carry it all around with me and it would come out at the most inopportune times.


I don't know. I guess it does bother me at times, but not because of what they said. It bothers me because of how I let it affect me.

I wonder if any of them will read this and recognize herself?

Anywho. I'm on vacation and this is all you get today. Sorry.


LaLa said...

a few mean girls in my past have also requested me on facebook. i've done i'm sure what they expected me to do. ignored them.

i'm glad you are able to put that behind you though, that's a strong thing to do.

Da_Kween said...

I have a few who did NOT like me at all. A couple who were my "friends" and we ended our friendship badly...Either way, to display maturity, I accepted their invites.

I hope they're getting an eyeful. lol

mare said...

People can be mean. But, people change, at least i believe that. So, with maybe they are trying to ask for second chance with their friend requests?