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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Precious cargo

Entrusted to few

Are you aware of what's gotten by you?

You paid her to care

for your little one

unknowing she's where

the abuse had begun.

He was under 15 and she knew he was clean

untouched by any "hers"

even though he was unsure

of what she was doing, really meant.

His friend (that he told) said it was heaven-sent

to have a woman's touch

to experience such things as a grown man does.

She touched him "there"

made him aware of what a hard dick gets.

At first he was scared, thought she would bite

when she took him into her mouth that night

he didn't get that his mama would kill her

if she knew her baby was used as a "thriller".

She told him it was all right

and used him as her toy

beginning that night,

he was no longer a boy.

Fast forward several years

the conquests he's had, instead of tears.

He brags about getting started so early

but if he really looked inside himself, the surely

he would realize what she took from him

was more than virginity.

Fucked his mind up on thoughts of unity

with the right one, a breach of his trust.

In order to be happy with one woman,

he must face his demon

and grow past the hurt and bury those memories under the dirt.

These things happen much more than you think

to hear these stories, your heart will sink.

Have second thoughts about who you choose

to have around your babies...

Someone's experiment

someone's toy

is not what you wanted for your baby boy

Ironically, this was written 2 weeks prior to the Eddie Long allegations. KNOW what's going on with your children.

Unpublished work © 2010 D. Newman

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