Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
The randomness that is I

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Randomness of Me

Does Ann Romney's face look real to you? Too much Botox... Has anyone figured out what "legitimate rape" is yet? Did you see Condi at the RNC? The look on her face (to me) says yes, I'm smiling, but what the heck have I done? These mofos are crazy and if I switch teams now, my political career is over and I won't be able to play golf either. Shat! I've heard from the bestie, but I realized something. I hope he doesn't leave this earth before me because I'm missing him like crazy. This twice a day thing is for the birds. *cups hands around mouth* I NEED YOU!! I wonder if he heard that? Well, I've been trying to stay busy, so I don't go stir crazy with worry because we aren't supposed to pray and then worry. Soooooo...I've watched a ton of movies (Day After Tomorrow was a dumb choice), done a few miles on a recumbent bike (pretty amazing since I used to feel like I was dying after 3 funky minutes before) and I needed a drastic change, so I got a relaxer and cut my hair. Go ahead and regulate your breathing. I know I've been natural for 4 years now, and it's been wonderful. Well till a couple of months ago. One day I woke up and there was no more fro. It was bushy-straight-ish (in some spots).
If I washed it and put some Curly Pudding on it, I was ok, except for the constant drip down my shirt for half a day. (My hair is super thick, that's after towel drying first). It's about to be fall and I obviously can't keep doing that anyway, so to occupy my time I started looking at hairstyles. I've really been digging Meagan Good's hairstyle and I love most of Rihanna's hairstyles so when I finally mustered the nerve to make an appointment (for the very next day)I had to figure out what to do. The high bun I'd been wearing had me looking like the 3rd grade girl who'd had recess before her school pictures. Not a good look! Besides, I like to stand out from the crowd without saying a word. I did the big chop when it wasn't popular in my town and there were two of us who weren't afraid to go straight 70's Sista Girl. We wore it very well, if I might say so myself. So now that everyone else is doing it? Yeah, no. I went back to the creamy crack. It's been wonderful so far! I'm glad I did it and no one is going to "guilt" me into going natural again. I'll do it when I get the urge!

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