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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

His Mama Said...

I have a friend, we'll call him Santrell, who has the funniest stories about his mama. She cracks me up and I've asked his permission to share his stories because they are too funny not to share, so from time to time,the words I type will not be my own (I have his permission).

She is a little church lady with a sharp tongue. He (and his brothers) are 30-40 year olds, nice looking and enjoying the dating world. I think what's so funny to me is that their mama is sweet as pie, but he knows (and I think he does it on purpose at times) just what to say to make her do a 180° and cuss him out.

You just might recognize them...

Here we go, just an example of what to expect!

Mom: You going to come to our church choir gala on Sunday?

Santrell: Nah momma, I will be at my church

M: (dead silence...then) What's wrong with coming to MY church sometimes? We serve the same God!

S: Momma, I know that...it's just that...Your choir is full of non-singing white folks...and y'all sing with no soul or passion.


M: You soul-less, most unclean child of mine! We sing better than any choir I've ever heard! And who said you had to be black to sing for the Lord???!!! Your ears are filled with the devil's music and you would not know God's heavenly choir if He hit you with a drumstick! Why....etc, etc, etc!!!


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