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Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Standing on my soapbox

Today I have something I need to say. I also need as many as possible to repost this somewhere that 25 and under can read it. My heart hurts for the children who have no guidance. What kind of world has this become? Word on the street is that it's the kind of world that one would allegedly stab a child, stomp a child and rob him of the contents of his pockets as he is dying.

There is extreme jealousy and somehow people feel entitled to whatever someone else has, no matter how trivial.

I posted the following a day or so ago on Facebook:

To all the 25 and under I'm connected to...Let what happened last night be your motivation to do better. These people out in the streets don't care about you, your Boo or your baby.

Let this motivate you to go to school, find a trade or something. It's not about clubbing, getting that money or having those Jordans. It's about living a life that you can enjoy, that you look forward to doing things and thanking the Lord for blessing you the way He has.

Ladies, when you have these babies young, you are still mama, not sister. Stop letting the little ones do what they want. You don't beat em, but you give them rules. Cussing babies, little boys with earrings, doing what you can so your babies can have the newest kicks and name brand clothes and you're eating noodles and hot dogs, is not cute, nor is it cool.

Stop letting them see you act a fool with your friends or your man. Stop letting them see you drunk or high. Stop letting them hear you argue with whoever.

When you had that baby, it was time to grow up. If your babydaddy doesn't want to be one, let him keep moving and raise your baby alone. You aren't the first, you won't be the last. I'm sure you know someone who you think is/was a good single mama. Talk to them, ask questions. Maybe your mama wasn't a good one. Maybe she didn't have anyone to ask. Be different.

Fellas, ************ is not your friend. I've observed that very few men have grown up in *********, stayed here and been successful. Very few.

It seems like even if they left for a semester, and saw there was more to life than **********, when they came back, they knew they wanted to strive for better.

It's true there's mayhem wherever you go. At least somewhere else, your past doesn't dictate your future. Elsewhere you can create a new you. No one knows you used to be a basketball star or constantly skipping school.

Something has to change.

Let it be you. You can do better.

Now you can enter Anytown USA and the message Will still apply.

The next message is a repost of a friend of mine who used to be in the streets:

Wow, to watch my kids open their gifts and to see them smile made my feel thankful, I wouldnt trade it for the world, and to give up that life of hustling that almost jepordised these moments was selfish and foolish, I thank God who rescued me and showed me what family truly is, if he can give his only son I can at least be there for my family, the duffle bags of bread and all the work in the world can not compare to my family, All praise to God...because I still live the same lifestyle but I work legally to get it ! Thanks for the second and third chance to get it right !