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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

On to the next

I think I'm pretty done with the challenge. Yeah, I know I didn't finish it, but I doubt anyone care anyway. I think I'll just unload some random thoughts. *****************Sometimes I just want to shake the shit out of people... They snap clean off about the chick who made an off the wall comment on their page, but the guy that's cheating? Nada. Then when they ask you what you think (and if they ask, I do tell), they catch an attitude with you. Well, if you don't really want to know... *****************Why do exes feel they still have certain rights/have to hide certain things? You are EXES. Case in point, a guy, I really can't even call him my ex. We had something more than a friendship, but never a full fledged relationship. Anyway, I noticed he'd been under the radar for a minute and I was recently in his town, so I gave him a call. Now maybe it's a woman thing, but if I'm avoiding someone's calls, soon as their number pops up, I hit ignore. He wasn't so fast. He kept ignoring my calls. I thought it was funny though because it would ring two or three and then he'd send it to voicemail. I actually started calling to see if he would get any faster (he didn't). Well, come to find out, dude had gotten married. I found that interesting because as close as we've been in the past 22 years, he never even told me he was dating someone. I would have congratulated him. Hell, I would have come to the wedding if I'd known! I'm happy for him, but it seems to me that either a) he's ashamed of who he's with or b) is afraid that if it was public knowledge maybe someone would try to talk him out of it or maybe c) it just wasn't anyone else's business. *shrug* More power to ya! (Oh, he and I talked and I congratulated him and he STILL hasn't acknowledged his union. What's that about?) ******************Internet beefs crack me up. All the back and forth is unneccessary and make people look dumb. If I have something to say to someone, I don't call them out on a FB or Twitter stat, I send them an inbox message and say what I have to say and be done. FB has caused many adults to revert back to their high school days. Middle school even. If you have issue with someone, grow a pair and take it to THEM. If you want an audience, take ya ass to Broadway. ********************Oh, there is one internet beef I do like. It's DISSney Princess Feuds. There's nothing Disney about it. A guy named Ramal Johnson basically has created Twitter convos between different Disney Princesses snapping on each other. No, it's not educational. It's not politically correct. It's not uplifting but dangit, some of em are too funny!
DISSney Princess Feuds on FB and @DISSneyFeuds on Twitter

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