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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 3- Sweet

I think it's very interesting, how my mind is processing this challenge. I thought I'd take a picture and make a comment about the picture and be through.

Where my mind is going, I have no clue. I guess creativity is reeeeeally kicking in.

Today's photo is sweet. I took this at IHOP. I had breakfast with my nephew.

I believe the syrups are maple, butter pecan, strawberry and blueberry.

When I looked at the display, I saw myself and my 3 siblings. We're all the same in that we have the same father. Those are all the same in that they're syrup.

We, however have 4 distinct personalities, just as the syrups have 4 very distinct flavors.

We're all sweet in our own ways.

It might be corny, but dangit, that's what I got! LOL


The Marshall said...

Thats how I see my brothers. We are like those little toy soldiers, always the same but have very different outcomes.

Afrodeezha said...

I don't know about the other D's, but I definitely see the differences between you and the DJ...