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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day Two - Yellow

This was my second choice for yellow. Thirsty flowers that are still thriving in 110 daily heat indexes. Shows that if these delicate flowers can survive with a little heat, so can we keep pushing toward our goals, when we feel a little resistance.

The picture I really wanted. Took 3 tries and 3 different intersections for me to finally get this, but what this says to me on this particular day is first of all, slow down, a chance to make a decision is coming up. A choice you need to make with caution.

To me, it wasn't a choice of which way to turn. When I saw it, I saw it that as an adult who is making some life decisions, the choice to go the way I have been going, doing whatever I feel like, saying whatever I want to and getting the same results I have been doing and going the other way. Making some changes. Going down a road not so familiar and trying some more positive changes because I'm tired of getting the same old results.

Either way, Karma is on both roads.

Which way do I go?

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