Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

15~ Can you live without a love relationship?

Not forever. I have done without an "official" love relationship for a year now, but that doesn't mean I've been without love. In fact, I think I've been given more love in the past year than in a LONG time. The difference is, I think, that it was pure love, real love. I don't want anything in return love. I'm not trying to get the panties love. It is some "I know you did that, but it's ok, people make mistakes, get over it, I know this is hard but you can get through it and I'll be right by you" kind of love. I'm actually 98% sure I'm IN love, the more I ponder the questions of this challenge. Time will tell. And it's not who folks who know me will likely assume it is either... So can I live without a love relationship? No, not one like this. Why would I want to?

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