Just my thoughts...

Just my thoughts...
The randomness that is I

Saturday, June 2, 2012

7~ Have you ever been deeply in love? Explain

I have been in love a couple of times, but deeply in love? Maybe for what I knew about love at the time. Perhaps love as a noun, but love as a verb? That's pretty new to me. I think the difference is that I was in deep like with myself for such a long time, that I didn't really know how to love me. If I didn't know how to love me, how could I love someone else? I'm still learning about love. Maybe we always learn about it, I don't know. What I know about love now though, makes me question love in the past. Well, maybe not, but it definitely makes me say "what I knew about love at the time"... Say what you will about Lil Wayne, but this song is truth... Lil Wayne - How To Love (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by vjarmanisuits

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