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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yes I know...I've been neglecting the blog. Well *newsflash* I've been kinda neglecting the net. Just don't have a lot of energy for it these days. I mean I post stuff, but I'm slow about responding to comments on the stuff I post and most days if I don't go online via mobile, I just don't get there.

Well I hadn't told you that I had a potential kidney donor. He went and got tested and he is not a match, but what I post after this will bring you up to speed.

Here goes:

Well I got the results of my potential donor...not a match. I actually got the news a couple days ago, but I was trying to come to grips with losing 2 friends in 2 days. One 49, the other just 27. That alone would make someone think of their own mortality with no health problems. Yeah.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I am not a person that has the discipline to spread it out over the year or even over a couple of months, so here it is, (well Friday) the last pay period before Christmas and I'll be trying to do it all in a couple of days. Money is reeeeeal tight this year, so it will be interesting. I wasn't able to buy gifts for the Angel Tree this year, which is a bummer because I've basically done that since I was 17. Well, the past couple of years I've done a Secret Santa, usually for a single mom friend of mine. Whoever I saw a big need for. I'd send them a gift every day for a week and reveal my identity the last gift. I LOVE doing stuff like that. How I got such a big philanthropic heart with my income, I'll never know.

Oh yeah, back to my match. He's a trooper! He's still going to be tested. They have a thing called crossmatch (this is easy to understand if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan) where he'll be on my donor "team" even though we don't match. There can be someone else whose donor didn't match but they become a team also. My donor could match their donor and vice versa and we'd switch partners and they'd donate that way.

What do I want for Christmas? Well aside from a kidney or that Mega Millions that I didn't get? I would like each person that reads this, to say a small prayer for someone else, not even necessarily me. Send a note or a card to someone you haven't talked to in a long time (trust me, a phone call you can play over and over in your head and then suddenly one day start forgetting parts of the conversation, but a note, you have it all right there) and post or send this link to your FB page or email. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

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Reggie said...

I sincerely hope that your Christmas wish gets fulfilled!!!

Happy Holidays!!!