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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, September 12, 2011


I know some of you who are connected to me on FB and Twitter have noticed that I've been promoting Urbansoulz.com and Urbansoulzradio.webs.com.

These are two places that I spent a lot of time at.

Yes, Urbansoulz is a social site, but it's not like any I've been on before. There are different groups that people participate in, but there are challenges weekly and people REALLY socialize there and it's truly more like family than a bunch of friends.

There's not a lot of spam or viruses floating around.

I admit that when I first got there, I didn't care for the site, but I found that changing the browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox made all the difference in the world! Explorer just doesn't allow you the full Urbansoulz experience.

Did I tell you that there are members from all over the world on Urbansoulz? UK, Brazil, Philippines


I challenge you to find a better, interactive radio show on the net!

There are radio shows on Sunday (I don't mean a lil church music and some clapping, I mean we have CHURCH!!!), Wednesday (Grown and sexy music that chills and heats up at the same time), Thursday (the focus is usually one artist and we have the chance to appreciate some of the music they've done), Friday (It's just an all out house party ya'll!) and Saturday (The DJ calls the show Gumbo, you never know what she's going to play, but it's always HOT!)

Each radio show is accompanied by a chat room. When I tell you we clown in that joker...it's not a place to come and hook up, it's a respectable place to have fun and let ya hair down!

Come by both sites. Membership is free!

Tell em Deedles sent you!

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