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Just my thoughts...
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: What Do YOU Remember?

I'd like to hear from my readers on this one. Especially people who were overseas. What were you doing on that day?

When I heard about the first plane, I was at work. Me and a few co-workers were in my boss's office and I was waiting to put my son on the bus, for school.

I'd just come back from putting him on the bus, when we saw the 2nd plane hit the towers.

First feelings were those of confusion. How could this have happened twice? In the same place? What is going on?

As the morning unfolded, I became sick to my stomach.

A non-smoker, I borrowed a cigarette from a co-worker and dug through my desk for a mini-bottle of Cask and Cream that my former boss had given me previously. I went outside and sat on the steps of our building and smoked the cigarette, sipped my spiked Pepsi and fought the urge to go get my kids.

As the day progressed, being the state capital, there were rumors of plans to attack the capitol building and the federal building, both of which are walking distance from my office. They sent those workers home early, but we didn't have permission to leave, so the remainder of the day was awful, not knowing what would happen next and watching everything over and over on television and not knowing whether the friends I had who worked at the Pentagon were dead or alive.

After 3 days of continuous coverage, I finally, for my own sanity and to protect my kids, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were the only channels I allowed on in my home.

I was blessed to not lose any friends that day...

What is your story?

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