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Just my thoughts...
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4~ Favorite Love song...and why?

I have many favorites, but this song touches my soul. It isn't singing about some perfect love, it speaks of a real love with challenges and working through them.
Here are the lyrics to Stars by Kindred the Family Soul So many times you could have walked away But I didn’t have to say word To convince you to stay 'Cause you know & I know this thing is real So we continue to learn And our love grows deeper still Each day I watch you Get better at this Each moment I’m more & more convinced We trusted love We took the risk We ran our own pace We won our race And could never turn away [Chorus] We come so far The stars look up at you baby My heart belongs Right here next to you baby [Verse] If I had just one wish It would be to stay together Stay together let’s grow together And it’s not much to ask of us I know we can do it I always knew it Always look at me the way you do today Treat me like a friend and listen to what I say ‘Cause girl I’m with you all the way All the way But I could never turn away [Chorus] Bridge Always look at me Same way you do today Treat like a friend Listens to what I say Say oh yeah I could never turn away [Chorus]

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