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Friday, April 13, 2012

A-Z: Q

I like the letter Q too, because it's curly. I decided that I would learn some new things today and teach you too, so I chose several Q words from Urbandictionary.com. I will look them up as I go.

There will probably not be many pics today. Be afraid, very afraid.

Qelsin-Key in Albanian. That's not so bad.

Bob: Ma jep qelsin.
Bryce: Urdheno.

Bob: Give me the key.
Bryce: Here you go.

Qenis-a humorous word used in place of the word "penis"

guy one: hey bro, did you hear about Scott?
guy two: no man, what happened?
guy one: dude likes qenis

Qbert-1. Retro game, which has now been released in 3D version.
I'm off for a game of Q*Bert

A legendary turntablist, a DJ. AKA DJ Qbert.

Hot damn, Qbert is tearing up those turntables.

A very great Dj that influences the underground with his creative scratching.

damn, that Dj makes my day.

Enough has been said. Listen to DJ Q*Bert and buy Wavetwisters.

Eh...I only posted one part because the whole thing is about 45 minutes.

Ok, no pics here, keep it moving! LOL

Queef-1. an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.

Rumor has it that Thea can queef the alphabet.

2. queef (kweef) n.
the expulsion of air from a vagina after sexual intercourse, usually very fast-paced or deep intercourse, and most often resulting after the "doggy style" position, or variants of said position. queefs are known to have a "wet" sound, and can occur during intercourse, or after. queefs occur when an object, usually a penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the vagina, usually because of a certain angle or position, or because of use of a condom, and happen when the penis or object is removed or pushed deeper into the vagina. many think of queefs as a "sex interrupter" because females are usually embarrassed and males usually embarrassed or amused as the very unique and recognizable sound of a queef.

julia coughed loudly to drown out her queef as brian pulled out.

Qazzar-someone who likes grinding to legs on chairs

Yes, that boy is qazzar, look at him grinding against that chair..

Uh yeah, I'm done.

Long weekend ahead, so I'll see ya on Monday!

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