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Just my thoughts...
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 10~List 10 people you love and explain what they mean to you

First of all, I’m going to preface this by saying none of my family is on this list. It’s a given I love my family beyond anything I could explain and I’d do most anything for them.

I will also say that this list is in no way in order! Something in each of these people clicked with me in the very first conversation we held. I’m a cordial, friendly person, but I don’t mess with a lot of people one on one. Not really. It’s a trust thing. These people here? They’ve got it.

1. Harmony Foston May-We met through an ex. He thought his girlfriend and his best friend should meet. We clicked. I first met her at her own family reunion. I was a guest of my then boyfriend. Probably the first hour we were there, the three of us were in a bedroom talking, as she printed out pictures she’d taken earlier at the reunion.

That’s what started it all. She’s been with me through 3 breakups now. Not only did she take me in as a best friend and SiStar, her whole family did. And when I say whole family, look at my FB friends, LOL. Her Momma and Pops, sisters, brother, hubby, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins. Hell, even her daughters’ babydaddy and boyfriend!!! And then they all took my son in! The rest have yet to meet my oldest, but she already has and has taken him in too.

When I say that she knows everything about me, she knows stuff I can’t even tell my family. She’s shared things with me that no one else knows about her. If I had a Siamese twin, she’d be it. We piss each other off and keep on loving. If I could marry her…wait, let me not say that, before rumors get started. I forgot in some places it can happen! LOL.

2. Kali Tenee Monroe-This daggone girl right here…I got her in a break up, LOL. She was acquainted with both me and an ex and we just kind of gravitated toward each other and clicked. I mean REALLY clicked.

We get each other. We have a sisterly spiritual connection. If I tried to explain it, you’d all be looking at us sideways. Those of you who know her, will understand without explanation.

With Kali, a lot of times I don’t even have to use words and she knows what I’m going through and vice versa. She is my SiStar. The Kween of Love. One who shines in my life and I love her.

3. Quinton Weddington-Q first showed me who he was, the 2nd time I met him and the first time I met Joe. The two of them together let me know that they had my back period. Since that time, he has continuously opened himself up to me and is always the ear, the shoulder, the kiss or hug I need, even if he’s the reason I need it. <-That’s love. I know ya’ll probably think I think he’s a saint because of the high regard I always hold him. He’s not. He’s human like all the rest of us, but he has definitely made my life richer with his presence. I love him for who he is and for who he’s helped me become. 4. Joseph Leftwich-Joe showed me who he was the very first time I met him in person. I won’t go into detail what happened because he didn’t do it for the recognition and I know he’d just blow it off. I’ll just say that our first encounter showed me what kind of heart he has and he’s never shown me any different since.

I love him for showing me that a man can do for you without expecting anything in return but friendship.

5. Rodney “Sonny” Collins-My brother. My guardian. We went away to college as acquaintances and came back family. We talk at least twice a week. We advise each other, listen to each other and if it came down to it, we’d cut a mofo about the other.

Our birthdays are only 2 days of each other and when we go out together, he thinks he’s my father. He’s on me HARD about what I’m wearing, whether or not I’m drinking anything, who I’m talking to, etc. We lean on each other a lot. I love him for being the big (little) brother I never had.

6. Eugene Woodfin Jr.-My first internet love. We met on Blackplanet. Gene taught me that really getting to know someone first is key to a successful relationship. He was a true friend early on. He was there at the lowest point of my adult life.

I mean literally. When a negro pulled a stalker stunt, Gene was on the phone with me at 3 am, comforting me until the police got there. He walked me through the steps to overcome that situation. He never sugarcoats anything and has an opinion on most things.

My first experience with a realist. I didn’t like him very much in the beginning, LOL. We’re no where near as close as we used to be, but I know if I need him and he knows if he needs me, “Skillet” is just a call or text away. I love him for who he is and how he brings it.

7. Dante Perez-I met Dante on a site called Multiply. I had blogged about something that touched him and made him reach out to me through a note. During that conversation he relayed to me his experience during Hurricane Katrina and we developed a deep connection in the following days.

We’ve loved on each other since. We were forced to stop keeping in touch for a short while when the person I was dating at the time felt threatened by his presence, but we’re back in each other’s lives in full force. I jokingly call him my Innanet Boo, but he’s more than that to me. I love him very much and I love that he doesn’t use his swaggaliciousness for bad, LOL.

In the past couple of weeks, I've leaned on Dante more that I ever have and what he's shown me is that he LISTENS to the things I say and advises me in love. You know some folks advise you and leave you feeling stupid for being in a situation to begin with. This is my Baby. I'm keeping him.

8. Addison Jackson, Jr.-My Secret Squirrel *smile* I also met Addy back on Blackplanet. This man exudes so much love and wisdom it’s ridiculous! I think I must have said something to him one day just because he has the most radiant smile and then when you talk to him, his voice just makes you happy.

Addy is the biggest sweetheart and we just share a bond that’s unexplainable. That’s my sweetie and I love him because he is always willing to share his infectious smile and his lessons learned.

9. Don L. Burse-Don would probably be my husband and not my dorm neighbor’s ex, if I hadn’t been dating someone when I started college. Don has been intertwined in me and my son’s lives since September 1988.

We’ve fallen out and “gotten back together” one good time. There are some people you’ll always love. Don’s one of those to me.

I love him because he was my college sweetheart, even though we never really got together in college, LOL.

10. What?!?! I told you I don't mess around with that many people! Take away my family and you've taken away a good chunk of the world!


dlovell3 said...

I love you Dee because you always tell it like it is weather people like it not.

Thee_Kween said...

Chile you was killing it with the gubments. lmao I love you, too!