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Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 9~ Tell us about the first time you ever made love (not had sex)-Revisited

Disclaimer: If you are family, church member or just really don't want to know this much about me, click the red x in the top right corner now. I'm 42 and have experienced some things you may not want to face. Proceed if you dare

The first time...I will say that I originally thought of a different time, but when I really felt it most, was most recently.

What I'm finding is that this love challenge keeps making me revisit a relationship that I'm trying to get past.

It was March of last year and it began the moment we saw each other at the airport. There was something in that kiss...maybe it was just because it was the first time I was traveling to specifically see him. I don't know.

There was something electric in his touch. His hand was either in mine or at the small of my back all the way to his house.

We went bowling with friends and between each turn, there was a kiss or a touch. This was the point that I actually think there were hearts in my eyes. I felt a connection that I'd never felt with anyone before and I know this wasn't my first love.

When we finally retired for the evening, there had been hours of what I consider foreplay.

There was a passion and intensity exchange that I'd never experienced before. We were connected in a gaze until the point of actually joining bodies, when we both had to gather ourselves.

I didn't hear angels singing, but it was the most beautiful experience I'd had to date.

Fortunately, it was like that for me each time he and I were together.

I'll miss that...

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