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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 6~What is Your Idea Of True Love?

My idea of true love is first of all, developing a friendship void of sex. That's really the only way you can know if you genuinely LIKE a person. To me, you can't LOVE a person if you don't like them. You can most certainly love what that person does for you or to you and not be IN love.

Once that friendship is established, you build from there. I don't think true love is only reserved for one person. You (should) truly love your parents, your children, other family members and closest friends.

To me, true love with your children begins the first time you see them. For some, even before... As they grow, your relationship deepens. There's no bond like that of a parent and child. I think that's why it's so hard for parents to see when their child does wrong. Now don't get me wrong, we're still human and there are some severely flawed relationships, but I think that's the gist of things.

I feel that the relationship with your siblings is the same way. Natural from the beginning and the older you get, the closer you get.

With friends and relationships? They must be built. I know of some great relationships that began with the people not even liking each other. Jada didn't care for Will in the beginning.

To me, this is the road map, so to speak, of true love.

Something must click between two to make them want to even pursue a friendship. As the people get to know each other, their friendship deepens. When the friendship deepens, they feel more and more comfortable with each other. The more comfortable they feel, the more kinds of things they share. When someone shares some of the "bad" and that person still accepts them and doesn't treat them any differently, they begin to let their guard completely down.

It has nothing to do with what they have. I has nothing to do with what they do, but has everything to do with who they are.

When your guard is completely down with someone, when you spend time with them, you start seeing things in them that they don't even see in themselves.

With my closest friends, it's sometimes what they don't say, that lets me know what's going on with them.

When you see someone at their worst and you treat them no different than when they're at their best and love them no matter what, that's true love.

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LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' said...

I had that once. Relationship blooming from a friendship. Great blog.