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Just my thoughts...
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Have To Hear It

The other day, I wanted to listen to something as I worked, so I went to Blogtalkradio.com and picked a radio show of a young lady that I knew I enjoyed listening to.

She's a very conscious and passionate young woman, who has always appeared to have an old soul to me. You know the type, wise beyond her years. Sometimes I forget that she's not my age, but could in fact, be my child.

Anyway, the particular show I chose, I'd never heard before. It was on Hurricane Katrina. I knew that her family had lived through it, because my Boo and I had bonded over what he told me of part of his experience and I'd heard part of her father's experience, but never heard her speak on it.

By mid broadcast, I was doing my work with tears in my eyes. I mean, you can watch the news and read the paper, but until you hear firsthand, unedited, what people have experienced? You cannot FEEL the heaviness of their experiences and it's hard not to look at them as the living miracles they are.

They've lived all this and they are always smiling. Never complaining. They lost everything...there are people who have everything they could want or need and walk around looking like they suck on lemons all day.

I'd love to share this broadcast with you. Here's the link Hurricane Katrina, We'll never forget by DiamondzzBlingz.

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