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Just my thoughts...
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Friday, March 16, 2012

My Own A-Z Challenge

I am determined to get back into blogging regularly even though Reggie is my only faithful commenter, LOL.

This is simply a challenge where I post about one alphabetical letter per day. Let me know if you decide to do it too. I have to get better about reading other blogs again.

A is the first letter of my favorite cousin's name. April grew up out east and moved to my city as an adult. We don't hang out often, but whenever we do, we have a great time.

She has 6 kids that are like nieces and nephews to me. I love em!

A is also for acorn.

a·corn   /ˈeɪkɔrn, ˈeɪkərn/ Show Spelled[ey-kawrn, ey-kern] Show IPA
1. the typically ovoid fruit or nut of an oak, enclosed at the base by a cupule.
2. a finial or knop, as on a piece of furniture, in the form of an acorn.

Acorns amaze me. They are these little bitty nuts that squirrels hoard for the winter and then leave cracked shells all over the place when they eat them, but from these little nuggets can grow mighty trees that live for decades.

Alone also begins with A. I find myself alone frequently. Too frequently. I invited an acquaintance to lunch. Someone I've known 5 or 6 years. It was the most uncomfortable 45 minutes I've had for a long time. Seems my knack for every day conversation and my wit has headed for the hills.

Like Jaheim said though, I've "gotta find my way back". So get ready!

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