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Just my thoughts...
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Monday, March 19, 2012

A-Z: D

Yes, I know I said D, but today I thought of another C that I wanted to mention.

Confidence-When you have it, you're on top of the world. When you've had it taken from you at some point, you have it one day and the next day you don't. I struggle with this often. It's amazing how someone can get into your psyche for a short period of time and you spend the remainder of your life getting past it.

Yesterday I was carefree. Today I saw a guy smile at me across the parking lot and my initial reaction was to search for the person he was smiling at because I just knew it wasn't me. It was. I hate being that way. I'm waiting for prayer to change that thing.

Many important people in my life are D's. Dad, Dawn, my favorite "D" and 4 "D" Brothers who have created a medium that has impacted my life in more ways than one. *say it with me* www.urbansoulz.com and now www.thesoulfm.com
They truly have shown me how to love.

Daughter-I have been the best daughter I know how to be and I hope that I am everything that my parents expected, though I'm sure I didn't go about it the way they'd have liked.

Dance-I only went to 2 school dances my whole 4 years of high school and that was my Sr. year, with the same person. He was the only person who ever asked me. I found out via Facebook that some guys always assumed I was dating someone. Not true. I had a boyfriend my freshman year and my senior year. Hey y'all cheated me! LOL

Dog-I think I want a dog after I move. Not sure what kind, but I will certainly take my time deciding.

And I'm done!

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