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Just my thoughts...
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 30~ Did this love challenge teach you anything? If so/not...what/why?

This challenge taught me that I wasn’t over some hurdles of my past…BUT it helped me get over them.

This challenge taught me that I was giving some of the people I loved too much power. I, in my need to be loved, almost always made the object of my affection a priority, when I was only an option to them.

This challenge taught me that someone I’d considered out of my league, actually sees eye to eye with me on so many things and that we’ve got SO much love between us. (READ LOVE, not lust) He is genuine and has been such a big help with me maintaining my sanity these past few weeks and telling me like it is and I appreciate him so much.

This love challenge has shown me yet again, that I am a good catch and those that tossed me or didn’t appreciate me like I felt they should have, didn’t deserve me and that my destiny where they are concerned, really does lie in my hands.

This love challenge has shown me there are some people really discouraged about love. There is some bitterness about love. Some don’t even know what love is…not really. I’m sure there are some who refused to take the challenge because of the word “love”.

For some reason that little four letter word incites fear in the hearts of men and women everywhere. I feel sorry for them. They’re so afraid of love and or so incapable of trust, that they try to find everything they can to replace love and tell themselves they’re happy, when all they really need is love.

This was probably the hardest challenge I’ve done thus far, because it forced me to evaluate the value of past relationships and I realized that the good memories always shone brighter than the bad, masking them and making the relationships seem better than they really were.
This challenge has helped me define even more, what I want in a mate and what I need to be in a mate.

Stick a fork in this challenge my dears, it is done….Thank you Kween!!!

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~Cy~ said...

Awesome reflections!