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Just my thoughts...
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

24~ Have you broken anyone's heart?

Seems like I'm always on the hurting side of things, so without thinking, I would've said yes.

But I'm pretty sure my family was heartbroken when I had two kids with no wedding at ages 22 and 27.

I know I stopped dating one because I simply realized that he wasn't moving to where I am and I wasn't moving my kids and I to where he was at the time. I probably broke his heart. I really loved him though and I wanted him to have a chance to be happy with someone who was willing to relocated.

He ended up moving elsewhere and he hasn't, to my knowledge, found anyone worth keeping.

The one after that wasn't heartbroken. The one after that wasn't either. I seriously doubt this last one was either. Probably more disappointed than anything. Maybe not even that.

I do have this one friend that we decided to take things further and they ended up catching feelings and I didn't. I'm pretty sure that one is brokenhearted and that's why they keep doing the things they do. I don't know that for sure though.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure of at least two of those. The rest, they tried coming back, but as far as me breaking their hearts? I'll probably never know.

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