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Just my thoughts...
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Katrina: A Re-post

I found a bunch of blogs I'd saved from 360, on my work computer and it's been interesting re-reading them to see where I was back then.

Funny that I had this message back on 360, without even knowing anyone who was affected. Now I've got a whole lot of NOLA family. Didn't know what was really going on there, just what the news wanted us to know. I don't even think we knew the truth about the levees at that time. I'm thinking that I didn't use the name Katrina because at that time, we didn't realize the full horrific outcome of the storm. I don't even remember who the prayer was for at the end. I hope it helped.

I can remember watching CNN and not being able to stop crying and going between empathy and anger at the newspeople's choice of words...the refugees...how the hell are American citizens refugees? I finally had to force myself to stop watching, same as I had to do with everything surrounding 9/11. It was making my heart too heavy.

I sent up so many prayers...I still do.

Entry for September 05, 2005

I can't really explain the mood I've been in lately, except there aren't many people I've felt like being bothered with, hence the reason the no-shows who invited me to join their friend list have been removed. A friend isn't someone you meet one day, then never talk to again. Therefore, the people I have on my list are all personally known to me and each have a place in my heart, with the exception of Unique, I just dig his work....

I think my mood has a lot to do with the hurricane that hit Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. I have had all types of emotions running through me. It was a terrible event that I wouldn't wish on anyone and I wonder why people didn't leave when they were warned. I pray for Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans because there must be tremendous pressure on him right now.

I was absolutely furious to hear that the humane society was able to move hundreds of animals to safety before anyone moved people from the two major points of safety that everyone was being moved to. I was furious that people in 2005, were forced to live in such squalid conditions, without food or water for DAYS... I was upset that in the beginning only 500 officers were sent to help from the federal government. I'm extremely upset that at this time of absolute disaster, there were those who took advantage of the lack of authority and bound together as gangs to rape and steal from other survivors.

Only people with mental or deep spiritual problems could see this as an advantage to prey on others.

I can't help but think that yes, God allowed this to happen, but maybe it wasn't to hurt those who were injured or killed, the bible says that Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy whether it's physically or spiritually. Maybe some of these people were bound by a life of poverty (that's what I keep hearing), maybe God has something better for them. Maybe taking all they have is the only way that God can move them toward the type of life He wants for them, the type of life they really deserve.

The only one who really knows is Him.

**One foot off my soapbox**

I hope that you have prayed about what God would like for you to do to help those who have been displaced. If giving money is what your choice is, I urge you to find a company that offers to match all donations, that way you're actually sending double the support you are able to give.

*stepping all the way down now*

Thank you for stopping by....

To my heart, you know who you are...The devil has got you down, really down, for what reason I don't know, but know that when he's on you that tough, God's got a true blessing in store for you. I hurt for you because I know how you feel. I know I'm probably the last person to give you advice especially since I'm always asking you for some, but even if you just say the name Jesus every day, He can bring you out of anything. I know you're tired, but just hold on...mmmuahhhhh!

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